Ready To Innovate the Dining Experience?

Take your business to the next level with an immersive, multi-sensorial fine dining experience. CRAVE 4D enable diners to experience an out-of-the-world gastronomic adventure curated by your masterchef.

We enable restaurants globally to express their stories through food like never before.

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Crave 4D is a 360° multi-sensory technology for restaurants of any theme, any size.

Welcome to the future of dining; a feast of all senses.

Powered by the next-generation laser projection system

Big or small, CRAVE 4D projection system covers it all. Our team will work with you to ensure the space is perfectly optimized with the number of projectors used

Ultimately, we are committed to ensure a fuss-free system so you can focus on building your business, while we taking care of the technology.

    Some perks are as follows:
  • ▷ HDMI
  • ▷ RGB Full Colour
  • ▷ Image 3800 ANSI Lm, Laser DLP, 20000 hours life
  • ▷ Image resolution WXGA or WUXGA
  • ▷ Audio Out system
  • ▷ 3 years warranty
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How CRAVE 4D able to benefit your F&B business?

People is looking for new expereinces especially in the post-pandemic world. But is your business ready for such tremendous opportunity? Crave 4D immersive technology is the answer for businesses that looking to innovate their business with cost-effectiveness in mind.

  • Highly Flexible Solution - Amaze the guests with ever changing room 360' multi-sensorial environment. The content can be anything to cater your guests tastebuds!
  • Highly Instagramable - Most people will share their experience of immersive dining in their social media; actively promoting your business virally to the local and global.
  • Seasonal Content - Every season, the content animation can be changed accordingly. So, your guests will be back for more!
  • Worry-free Setup - Crave is the technology specialists behind your business to support and make it into a successful project.

Crave 4D immersive technology elevates the culinary expression of your restaurant to the next level.

A room with 4 walls - painted plain white. Internet connection. 1 staff to run the show. The minimum room size is 5 x 5m with 2.5m heights.

We are using laser projectors to ensure longetivity and minimum maintenance. Each projectors last for 20,000 hours. If you run 12 hours a day, it will lasts 1,666 days or 4.5 years!

Fine-dining restaurants for the pairing of food and technology. However, the sky is the limit! We can customize the technology as your desire.

Excitement + Innovation for your business.

Contact our client success team if you have any enquiries.

Content & Software

Customized solutions with easy to operate. All training will be provided.

Hardwares & Equipments

We will provide the projectors model. You may source the projectors from your country for cost-efficiency.

Digital Assets

Creative assets and digital marketing will be provided.

Online Reservation Website

Easy to use online reservation website is included in the system.

Always-on Technical Support

Our team is ready to serve for any difficulties you might be facing.

Easy Setup, Easy Update

Full training will be provided. The staff will only need to press a play button via iPad for every course served.

Who we are?

Founded in 2007, Crave Asia is a digital and experiential marketing specialists based in Malaysia and Singapore.
We have successfully delivered over 500+ projects globally to date.



Organized by CRAVE

The largest exhibition by Marvel Studios in Southeast Asia with over 10 interactive zones including Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Dr.Strange and more.



Produced by CRAVE

The largest indoor projection mapping in Malaysia certified by Malaysia Books of Records with over 3,000 visitors daily.



Built by CRAVE

Digital marketing solutions for the most prestigious brands in the world including Louis Vuitton Moet Henessy, Estee Lauder Companies, Disney, Samsung and more.

You are just one step away from innovating your business.

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